Grilled Corn on the Cob

For those of you who have seen Nacho Libre, you may recognize the finished product because of the character Esqueleto.  He ate it constantly throughout the movie.

It is also served at a restaurant I like in New York called Café Habana.  It is so yummy that I thought I’d share the recipe.


1.       Corn on the cob – husked

2.       Mayonnaise

3.       Sour Cream or Crema Fresca

4.       Cotija Cheese, grated

5.       Cayenne Pepper, to taste

6.       Chili powder, to taste

7.       Lime cut into wedges


1.       Husk corn & char the ears on a grill (I used the broiler setting in my oven)

2.       Mix equal parts of Sour Cream (or Crema Fresca) and Mayonnaise

3.       While corn is still hot, slather with cream mixture

4.       Roll corn in the grated Cotija cheese

5.       Give a healthy sprinkling of cayenne pepper and chili powder on top of the cheese

6.       Squeeze a little lime juice on each ear before serving

7.       ENJOY!


1.       I found Crema Fresca & Cotija Cheese in near the pre-shredded cheese in my grocery store

2.       Crema Fresca comes in a jar that kind of looks like Mayo

3.       Cotija Cheese comes in a large round circle

4.        I don’t have a grill, so I used the broiler setting in my oven.  It took about 15 minutes to cook this way.

5.       Don’t use frozen corn.  I tried it and it took forever to defrost and the corn came out a little mushy.  I suggest using fresh corn for the best taste.

This recipe is a great side dish for BBQ’s.  It’s easy and it tastes great!

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