Awesome Sangrias!

Ingredients 1 Lemon 1 Orange ½ Cup Sugar ½ Cup Water 1 750 milliliter Bottle of Dry Red Wine, Chilled 1 to 2 Cups Carbonated Water, Chilled 2 TBSP Brandy Ice Cubes   Directions Cut Lemon and Orange into 1/4 inch thick slices. Place the 4 end slices from the lemon and orange into a saucepan; set aside the remaining …

Punch for the person who doesn’t like Punch

Mix according to directions: 6 oz. limeade 6 oz. lemonade 6 oz. orange juice add 4 extra cans of water to above Right before serving, add 28 oz ginger ale I put in an ice ring with cut up citrus fruits.

Spongberg’s Traditional Family Egg Nog

6 Eggs ½ Cup Sugar 2 ½ Cups Milk 1 Tsp. Vanilla 1 Qt. Vanilla Ice Cream 1 Qt. 7-Up Dash of Nutmeg Beat eggs, add sugar beating till creamy.  Add milk & vanilla. Stir in ice cream then soda.  Sprinkle nutmeg over top, just before serving. Enjoy!

Lime Punch

1 – 6oz. Limeade 3 Cups Sugar 11 Cups Water Mix all together and then freeze . Then add 2 Liters Lemon Lime Soda or ginger ale

Purple Cow

2 Cups Vanilla Ice Cream 3 TBSP Frozen Grape Juice, Concentrate (Thawed) 1 Cup Milk Put Grape Juice Concentrate & Milk into blender.  Process until smooth. Add softened ice cream and beat at low speed. Serve immediately Serves 4

Orange Julius

1 6 Oz Can Frozen Orange Juice, Concentrate 1 Cup Milk 1 ½ Cups Cold Water 1 Tsp Vanilla 1/3 Cup Sugar 12 Ice Cubes Mix in blender at high speed, until smooth.

Banana Pleaser

Serves 6 2 Fresh Bananas 1 Cup Milk 1 Pint Vanilla Ice Cream ½ Tsp. Almond Flavoring 1 6 Oz Can Frozen Orange Juice, Concentrate Mix all ingredients in blender until smooth.