What cooks for you while you are away, makes your house smell great, and won’t burn your house down? A crockpot. In case you haven’t used one crockpots are also reffered to as slow burners. They cook at a low temperature in order to tenderize meats and provide safe cooking while you go about your business. Some crockpot recipes take several hours but most can be done in 3-4. What does that mean? Well if you need to go run errands then put the crockpot on, if you want to go to church and come back to a finished meal then turn the crockpot on, basically if you don’t want to sit over the stove all day then turn the crockpot on.

As you can tell I am a convert to the wonderful and many uses of the crockpot. So in the future we will have more crockpot related recipes.

Happy Cooking,
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